AI that discovers hidden opportunities in your book of business

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    Discover new revenue opportunities.

    Agents are constantly missing revenue opportunities by not understanding who has what in their in-force book of business. Leopard prevents that.

  • 1,242
    Policies Analyzed

    Save time by automating policy reviews.

    Manually combing through a book of business takes an average of 15 minutes per policy. Leopard collapses that to 1-2 seconds per policy.

  • 15%
    Churn Reduced

    Improve client relationships.

    Reach out to the right clients at the right time and help them get better-fit coverage.

How it Works

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    Upload Policies

    Add copies of your in-force policies to the platform. No need to extract the coverage or client data–Leopard’s AI takes care of that for you!

  • 2

    Identify revenue opportunities

    Leopard evaluates your book of business, runs quotes for alternative coverage options and highlights your strongest opportunities.

  • 3

    Replace, up-sell, or cross-sell

    Send quotes to relevant clients with AI-generated talking points so they can get the best-fit coverage.

Key Features

Policy Retrieval

Don’t have copies of existing policies? We can help retrieve them for you and take the administrative work off your plate.

Identifying Policies…

Policy Analysis

Leopard’s AI analyzes your book of business, extracts key policies information and identifies other coverage options on the market.

Upload New Policies
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  • Rating Class
  • Term Years


See your replacement, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities in one place. Easy-to-understand scores highlight which customers represent your strongest revenue opportunities.

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Quoting Engine

A robust range of quotes from top carriers means you’ll never miss an opportunity. Use the policy comparison table to see top options side-by-side.

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AI-generated Talking Points

Elegant AI-generated summaries of coverage options let you quickly send emails to clients or speak to the key benefits of various options on a call.

Talking Points
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